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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pics from SDS Big Battle

As promised, here are the pics of the second (and last) session of our Big Battle for the Castle, loosely inspired to the attack at Hougoumont. For this purpose, I scratch built a big house (above) and we used all the French and British 28mm we have. Unfortunately, I have lost the pics from the 1st session...
The early moves: a couple of heroic Frenchmen succeed in breaking the big gate, but a sort of execution squad is waiting for them just behind, and they are mowed down....
I did not take part continuously to the battle, so from time to time I took pictures of the situation: above, a squad with 2 ladders lead by a mounted officer tries to reinforce the soldiers already on the wall.
The same from another point of view. Brits inside have all discharged weapons, but they will be able to repulse the French attack soon.
Some views from the inside of the house. I enjoyed myself very much building all furniture (here a bookshelf, an armchair and a picture on the wall :)
The different floors were connected by stairs (above, on the extreme right) and all windows had glasses (plastic sheet) that the soldiers had to break in order to fire through.
The dining room with a fireplace, table and chairs, store cupboard and a picture (and 2 Rifles ready for fire).
Finally, the bedroom (the bed's sheets are made of real tissue...). Who won? That has not been determined exactly. However, the British still had the control of the Castle and - even if they sustained a number of losses - they could have still resisted some turns.
The French launched some 14 squads to the assault, and more than half of them were eliminated (in game terms). The main purpose of the meeting was to enjoy ourselves, trying a big assault and using my "new house"...
The whole group after the end of the Battle: from left Andrea, Vera, Marco, Paolo, Antonio and Marco (Carlo just behind the house, on his knees)


  1. Excellent post, looks like you all enjoyed the game.

  2. Yes, we did (and there are no pics showing us drinking Champaign...)