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Monday, January 17, 2011

Carpi Tournament Results

It was quite a Tour de Force yesterday for the Tournament in Carpi: wake up at 5:00 AM, 4 hours drive in the fog and we arrived in Carpi just in time. After the competition, back in the car for another 4 hours drive and home at 9:00 PM.
The Tournament was hosted by the CON "Gioca Carpi" and there were at least 3 other competitions ongoing (WH40K, Blood Bowl, Schutzengruppe). We had just 10 players this time, but considering the season - and the weather - that was ok I guess. Tourney started a bit late but we were able to close it on time (as usual at 5.00 PM).

The results just confirmed what happened in 2010: Arezzo caput mundi with first and second place, and 2010 SDS Italian Champion Marco Gasbarri won again (his score is now almost incredible: 19 W and 1 L), followed by Alessandro Salini (also from Arezzo) and Max Salvagnini (from Firenze). More about this (with pics) soon....


  1. Maybe Marco can write up a few words, that you could post here, on how he goes about playing SDS (what's his strategy, etc.). Surely his win record is not just because of his charm and good looks. :)

  2. Dale, I've asked Marco to write something on this matter. Let's see what he'll write (if he'll do it)

  3. Marco sent me some brief notes on his playing style and I'll post them very soon...
    Stay tuned!