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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving forward.....

No sleep at Ganesha Games: 61-65 is just finished and I started working to close the Large Battle project. As I wrote in previous posts, it is a long project I started some 2 years ago, and modified many times before the current version. Above and below, a pic from last friday playtest (sorry pics are a bit dark..): a clash somewhere in Spain just before the Battle of Talavera.

Drums & Shakos Large Battles allows you to command a Division (or more, if you have time and space :) and it's another step forward in Ganesha Historical System. In a few months (DS LB could be released early 2011) Napoleonic Era enthusiasts should be able to play from small skirmishes (SDS) to Divisonal level games, passing through Company level (61-65 adapted): all with a single rules engine.

Command and Control and Combat systems are 100% new and - as far as my 25 years wargaming experience says - innovative. I'm working hard to give players a game that can be played to a conclusion in about 2 hours, still giving all the feel of this wonderful period.
I am very proud of the Combat system (it's like a small movie of the attack), which is divided in Approach and Contact and gives results that are quite rare in other wargames: in DS LB you can win a charge suffering heavy losses, or lose your position but inflicting a lot of damage to the enemy.

Basing is free (and in any case the one we suggest is one of the more common for the period), there is no individual casualty removal, nor caps. As it is common in all Ganesha games, there are really few markers, and game is fast and quite furious: we want things to happen on a Battlefield, and progress from turn to turn be visible. Individual units are Battalions (Infantry), Regiments (Cavalry) and Batteries (Artillery). Skirmishers rules are simple but effective.
Follow this blog, and more details will come....

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