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Saturday, November 20, 2010

March-April 2011: 3 weeks of fire

A lot is happening in the Italian wargames world.
In three weeks, from march 20 to april 3, 2001 three important events will take place: sunday, march 20th there will be an SDS Tournament in Milan, organised by XI LEGIO club, saturday and sunday march 26-27th in Modena the Convention PLAY2011 will be held (18000 visitors in last year's first edition) and within it the "Wargames Olympics" competition. Finally on april 3rd there will be the Con HELLANA in Agliana, where SDS was awarded the "Best of Show" prize two years ago.

Tournament in Milan
At last we succeeded. The friends of XI Legio were able to reserve the hall for the first SDS Tourney to be held in Milan. This is a great occasion for all player for the North of Italy to take part in a SDS tournament. More details will follow about this, in the meantime thanks to Stefano for the efforts in organizing the event.

The Convention was lauched last year with an astonishing success of visitors. It is an "all about gaming" event, with Boardgames, CCG, RPG and of course wargaming.
It is co-organised by the club Treemme from Modena and by the Tana del Goblin (Goblin's Lair) and this is a warranty for a great gaming experience.
Within the Con, the organisers are staging the Wargames Olympics: tournaments of many games with gold, silver and bronze medals for the participants.
SDS will be one of them. International participation is warmly welcome, and I encourage all readers of this blog to ask me question if interested in participating.

The week after (april 3rd) there will be the one-day show in Agliana Con (Pistoia, Tuscany) , where Ganesha games will have its demo table as the last 2 years. There will be no SDS tournament at Hellana (that's too much for me too :) but the event is a sort of tradition in the italian wargame community since many years as it focuses ONLY on wargaming.

Feel free to ask me any question about the events and - as usual - stay tuned.

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