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Monday, October 9, 2017

Just a few lines to let you know I'm well. After three years of silence, I could be back to wargaming and game design in a short time. People change, life changes, and my 12000 Napoleonic figures are still there, so..... bear with me a little more


  1. Hello Sergio,

    nice to hear you're back. We had two fantastic games of SDS on the last weekend. I've red, that the english translation of the Tournament Rules 3.0 is available. Where can I get them? There are some obscurities in the original rules.

  2. To specify the "obscurities":

    1. Leader & groups:

    1.1) Group Action "Regroup": What happens, if a leader gave the order to two models, they had one success on their activation roll, but can't get into base to base contact with each other?

    1.2) Is this correct: a normal Group Activation can be given to 2-6 models, who are in base to base contact with each other. They can use the group successes in any way they want. Say, using the first action to get out of base to base contact.

    1.3) If one of the special Group Actions "Volley Fire" or "Shoot and Reload" was ordered to a group, and the group had three successes on their activation: can they choose the order of the given special Group Action, or must this always be the first action(s)? e. g. is move, Volley Fire, move allowed?

    2. Musician trait:

    The rules say, that the re-roll is granted for one Group "Move" activation failure. Regroup is the only Group Action which is explicitly termed as Group Move. Or is "Group Move" just another term for Group Action/Activation?

    Thanks in advance