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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rules I own

Making some order in my gaming room I decided to record the rulebooks I have.
Here's the list...

Key: Title (year) Publisher Language
Texas (1986) Ars Militaris Italian
Sixty One Sixty Five (2010) Ganesha Italian/English
A Union So Tested/Look Sarge no charts (2009) LMW Works English
ACW Rules (1988) Active Service Press English
Steam, Iron & Tin [naval] (1990) Minifigs English
Fire & Fury (1990) Quantum Printing English
Regimental Fire & Fury (2010) Fire & Fury Games English
ACW Solitaire (2007) David Kershaw English

Hex Command: Ancients (2006) ? English
Ancients Battle Cry (?) ? English
Skjaldborg (2000) Shieldwall Games English
De Bellis Renationis (1997) Wargames Research Group English (+3 Army lists books)
De Bellis Antiquitatis (1995) Wargames Research Group English
De Bellis Multitudinis (1995) Wargames Research Group English (+1 Army list book)
Impetus (2008) Dadi & Piombo Italian
Anticamente (2010) TB Line Italian

Nemesis (1997) Oberon Italian
OG (1997) Oberon Italian
Battlevacch (1997) Oberon Italian
Song of Blades & Heroes (2007) Ganesha Italian/English
Fear & Faith (2009) Ganesha English
Song of Wind & Water (2008) Ganesha English
Song of Deeds & Glory (?) Ganesha English
Song of the Splintered Lands (?) Ganesha English
Song of Arthur & Merlin (2008) Ganesha English
Song of Gold & Darkness (2007) Ganesha Italian/English
Mutants & Death Ray Guns (2008) Ganesh Italian/English

Section d’Assault (1999) Vae Victis French [WW II]
Flames of War (2009) Battlefront English
Operation Squad WW II (2010) Overlord Italian
Maurice (2012) Sam Mustafa Publishing English [SYW]
Form Line of Battle (2007) A&A Game Engineering English [Naval Age of Sail]
Fields of Honor (1994) Pinnacle English [Colonial]
Beyond the River Don (?) Red Actions English [Russian Civil War]
Blue Max (1995) GDW English [WW I Air Combat]
Steel Giants (1990) House Rules [WW II Tank combat]

Empire V edition (1990) The Emperor Press English
Cold Steel and Canister (2008) Decker Games English
Die Fighting! (2011) Repique Rules English
Shako (1995) Quantum Printing English (+ Fields of Glory Supplement)
Shako II (2008) Quantum Printing English
Warfare in the Age of Napoleon (2009) On Military Matters  English
Le Feu Sacré (?) Two Fat Lardies English
General de Brigade (2006) Partizan Press English
Snappy Nappy (2009) On Military Matters English
Napoleonic Command (1997) Crusader Games English
En Cul a les Anglais (?) ?? Italian
Wellington in India (1995) CSG Publications English
Napoleonic Wargaming (2009) History Press English
Sharp Practice (2008) Two Fat Lardies English
Piquet – Master Rules for Wargaming (2004) Piquet English
Piquet - Les Grognards (2004) Piquet English
Polemos Napoleonic General de Division/General de Brigade (2008) Baccus English
Corps Command (2008) Hoplite Research English
Song of Drums & Shakos (2008) Ganesha Italian/English
More Drums & Shakos (2009) Ganesha Italian/English
Drums & Shakos Large Battle (2012) Ganesha Italian/English
Lasalle (2009) Sam Mustafa Publishing English
Black Powder (2010) Warlord Games English
Short Attention Span Napoleonics (2003) Arthur F. Ross English
Marching to Glory (2001) Chris Leach English
Grognards & Grenadiers (?) Rudy Geudens English
Napoleonic Master II (2006) MB Hildreth English
The Age of Eagles (2004) Wilbur Gray English
En Avant! (2007) Jim Wallman English
En Avant! En Masse (2008) Jim Wallman English
Marescialli di Napoleone (?) Riccardo Affinati Italian
Cannoni, Sciabole e Moschetti (?) Home Rules Italian
Legion d’Honneur (?) ARSM Italian
Napoleonic Fury (2001) David R, Bush English
Elan Deluxe (2004) Phillip A. Jones English
Capitàn (2012) Capitan Games English
De Bellum Napoleonica v1 (2001) KISR English
De Bellum Napoleonica v2 (2002) KISR English
Napoleon’s Battle (authorized translation) (2007) Avalon Hill/Luridoteca Italian
Muskets & Moustaches (?) Lord Ashram English
L’Ombra dell’Aquila (?) House Rules Italian
Fast Play Grande Armèe (2005) Sam Mustafa English
Paintingshed Napoleonic Rules 3.0 (?) ?? English
Aquile per l’Impero (?) ?? Italian
Vive l’Empereur! (?) ?? Italian

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