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Monday, January 21, 2013

Playtest Sunday

Yesterday Massimo and Diego came from Rome to help me in the playtesting of my new project.
I explained the rules from scratch and they played one game (battle) in about 2 hours.
 Above you can see Diego (left) and me with my papers. The battlefield is small (8x10 hexes, I want a very portable game) and there are many dice on the table.. While I'm waiting for some new 10mm Naps, we played with 15mm SYW. I'd like the System to be kinda of universal for horse & musket. Its provisional name is "100 DICE".


  1. Looks great! I am looking forward to a grid-based design by you. Let me know if you need any playtesting!

  2. A fantastic idea for those of us with little space to set up a game, or who need to transport a game easily to visit friends.
    I'll gladly volunteer to playtest too.
    Do keep us posted on your progress with this project.

  3. Dale, Arthur,
    thanks for your kind words. Be sure that I'll consider your offer for helping with the playtest.