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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A pic after a lot of words

After so many posts without a picture, my blog seemed to me a bit... empty.
So I decided to post the above (quite blurred) picture, i.e. what's going on in my lab.
Do you recognize anything?
Yes, it's an "area" wargame (squares, for sure).
No, it's not Napoleonic.
Yes, bases are not flocked (yet :-).
And for those of you who have sharp eyes.... yes, there are 4 units used as proxies (I still have to base the originals).


  1. What I am wondering is what the board is made of. Are they carpet squares?

  2. "area" Wargame...

    Oh, finalmente sei tornato sulla giusta via ;-)

    Oh, Finally you're back on the right path ;-)

  3. Sorry guys I have a bad flue and have been "absent" for a while...
    yes it is!!
    they are extruded polistyrene blocks 10x10 h 5 that are used for the packaging of big glasses...
    you know what I think about area wargaming ;-)