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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last 2011 SDS Tournament results

Last sunday the last SDS tournament for 2011 was held during the CON Magna con Phersu in Perugia, and here are the final standings:

1. Filippo Simoncini Firenze (BRAVO PIPPO!!)
2. Marco Gasbarri Arezzo
3. Alessandro Salini Arezzo
4. David Casagrande Arezzo
5. Max Salvagnini Firenze
6. Alessio Bozza Perugia
7. Stefano Alano Perugia
8. Roberto Bagna La Spezia
9. Claudio Bartolucci Viterbo
10. Sandro Mariani Roma

Being the last tourney, we have also the final standings of the National SDS Championship, which is as follows:
1. Marco Gasbarri points 51 SDS National Champion
2. Alessandro Salini points 40
3. Maurizio Cisotto points 28
... followed by about 20 other players.

My congratulations to Marco, who won the second title in a row and a special thanks to all SDS players who took part in the 6 Tournament held this year.
As already announced, I won't personally organize tournament anymore (maybe just one in my hometown) leaving the organization to individual clubs. If your club is interested, please send me a request and a proposed date/period and I will answer immediately.
The 2012 calendar should be ready for end of january 2012 at the latest, so your requests should come to my within this year.
Pics of the event will follow....

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