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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some updates

While the poll is going on (thank you to all who voted), I had some very busy day at work, travelling up and down Italy by car. My gaming table is ready for the (third) battle of Retschow, waiting for an opponent (DS Large Battle). Last friday we had a very nice evening at the club: the guys wanted to play something for "pure fun", so I prepared a scenario set in Haiti 1803, where 3 French squads had to inspect a farmhouse after some rumors spread about rebel kidnapping Monsieur Albaine and his family. When French captain Leroux arrived with his men, they discovered a strange looking man with a round hat who started playing a drum...
Soon after a horde of zombies entered the table from 3 sides, surrounding the French soldiers.
I did not tell my friends about this and - more important - they did not know how to kill the zombies... It was really a lot of fun. For this scenario I made 2 palm trees (you can see them in the above pic) and a "colonial style" farmhouse with a small portico in front.

A pic of the final stage of the battle (above) with hand to hand combat raging in front of the house and near the pumpkin field. We used a mix of rules (SDS and Fear & Faith), but zombies were too few. Next time (this friday) we'll change something.


  1. Hi Sergio! Greetings from Australia.

    Sorry to post a comment that's not directly related to your post but I can't email you without an address.

    We're starting up with SDS and played our first game on the weekend. We had great fun and loev the rules! We thought you'd like to see our figures, etc. Our blog is


  2. Millsy,

    thank you for your support! My email address is written on the first page of all my rules, and is
    Let me know when you post some pics of SDS on your blog...

  3. I visited the blog: very nice figures and scenarios! Keep on playing (and posting about) SDS...
    many thanks