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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pics from Owl Con (Houston, TX)

Here are some pics from a demo game at Owl Con in Houston, TX. They were sent by Willy Schweis and show a fight in an abandoneed village within a wood... Above, the terrain before the battle.
French Voltigeurs attacking a ruined house guarded by some Rifles... and the same Voltigeurs (below) trying to break in. Thank you for sharing Willy!
For more pics:


  1. This is an addicting game! We play a lot. During the con we had 6 to 7 guys playing that table all day long and we only left because they kicked us out. Several players just kept coming back again and again.

    There are a lot of good games, but not so many games good for convention environments. SDS is an A+ convention game.

  2. I was a player. Agree it is an awesome game. I play a fair amount of Song of Blades, but this was my first go at SDS. Similar, but just a bit different. I have a few additional pictures from the game at :