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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First pics from Hellana

Thanks to Roberto, I have the first 2 pics from Hellana!
Me (left) drinking a coffee during a demo..

And a close up on a heroic French Carabinier (Front Rank) trying to defend his Drummer from the attack of 5 (five!!) Royal Marines (Steve Barber Models).
Yes, Hellana saw the first-time-ever of the Royal Marines, a list suggested and created with the help of Roberto from WASP La Spezia (see link).
More pics soon!


  1. Beautiful the Royal Marines! Can you post the value of this list? I mean Royal Marines should be a sort of light infantry with a marksman feature, that in British troop it's still missing

  2. Sorry Cry I did not notice your comment...
    The Royal Marines are similar to British Grenadiers (Q4 C2 Musket Strong), but their NCO has the "Strong" special rule, too. Officer and Musician are standard.

  3. Ok, my mistake. I haven't read the Royal Marine profile in the More Drums & Shakos therefore I started to figure out some values... thx for you reply