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Thursday, July 25, 2013

French Line Infantry Battalion 1:1

Few months ago, I decided to have some small Napoleonic Armies in 10mm. Therefore I contacted my "usual" supplier of painted miniatures (Stonewall Miniatures) and a new one: Fernando Enterprises. So I placed the order to Fernando in mid may, and when I met Mark (owner of Stonewall miniatures) during the S.Marino Convention in may, I gave him a few packs of Austrian Infantry (Old Glory) to paint. Mark did his job quickly and half of the Austrian Army is now waiting to be based in my worshop.
A couple of days ago, I received my French Army from Sri Lanka (about 1300 figures) and this evening I could not resist to see how an entire Battalion (about 700 soldiers) would look on the table...
And here it is (I was really impressed): 720 soldiers in line on 3 ranks, with Grenadiers on the right and Voltigeurs on the left, drums beating and colors flying.
 The Battalion in line from another point of view. It's 36 inches wide...
A few close-up: the Grenadier company..
 Two centre companies, with the Flags/fanions in the middle and the Battalion Commander right behind the centre...
 ...and finally the left flank with the Voltigeurs, ready to be deployed as skirmishers if need arises.
After visualizing the line, I deployed the same battalion in close column.
And here it is, with part of the Voltigeurs deployed in front. The Commander now leads the column, with the flags (that I have to paint) right behind him. Below, a close-up on the middle of the column formation.
 I must say I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the painting of Fernando Enterprises, and also by their quick delivery (less than two months for painting all the above plus the Cavalry (Cuirassiers, Dragoons and Hussars), Generals and 50 Artillery crew, for a total of 1228 figures. As soon as Mark will deliver the Cavalry and Artillery, I'll also post pictures of the Austrians.


  1. Great Sergio!!!

  2. An amazing view! Do you want to play on 1:1 scale, i.e. at low-tactics level?

  3. Thanks Marco (quale Marco? non c'è la foto...)

    it was just an experiment, to see how it looks like. Maybe in 1:10 scale it could be feasible (72 figures is much less than 720, and you still have 24 bases to a battalion...

  4. That's pretty awe-inspiring, thanks for taking and sharing the photos!

  5. Multiple that by the number of battalions in a Division, the number of Divisions in a Corps, etc. Brilliant.


  6. Love it!!!! 1:1 is the future! (Of the past)