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Sunday, July 28, 2013

100 Dice project - Reprise

While I'm still stuck with Drums & Tricornes Combat System (and choice between linear and "squared" terrain) I decided to "close" the 100 Dice project my introductory miniature battle system from Antiquity to Musket Era.
In version 2.0 I changed the combat system and trimmed many rules, aiming at simplicity. I also introduced a new phase (Exploitation) that should give further depth to the game and a more historical flavor to certain units (like light cavalry).
Within a couple of days I should be able to have a final version of the written rules, in the meantime I'm testing them extensively.
And now, straight from the rules, some pics describing 100 Die.
 Terrain hexes. Top, from left to right: clear, broken, wood, swamp. Bottom, left to right: a 2 level hill and a wood hex with “detached” trees to accommodate a light infantry unit (1 base).

 Top, left to right: Cavalry in March Formation, Cavalry in Combat Formation, Infantry in March, Infantry in Combat. Bottom, left to right: a Leader, the CinC, an Artillery unit and (in a swamp) a Light Infantry unit.

 The unit is in Combat formation: the green marked hexes are its FRONT, the yellow ones are its FLANKS, and the red ones are its REAR.
 Artillery Arc of Fire.
LOS example: in this case it is blocked by the woods.
More about 100 Dice soon...


  1. Ciao Sergio
    se hai tempo potresti darmi tutte le informazioni possibili su questo terreno esagonale???

    E se hai pazienza sullo "stato delle cose" in merito al progetto del regolamento nautico napoleonico

    grazie mille e complimenti è sempre un piacere guardare questo blog

  2. Ciao (chi sei?)
    ti do volentieri tutte le info sugli esagoni, cosa vuoi sapere?
    Il navale ("Aye, Aye sir!") è praticamente finito e penso lo pubblicheremo dopo 100 Dice.
    Grazie x i complimenti e se vuoi scrivimi al mio indirizzo e-mail

  3. Hi Sergio,
    Do you have any recent news on the 100 dices system? Has it ever been published?
    I'm a big fan of the Drums and shakos rules and also fan of hex-based wargaming so looking forward to any news from your project! Btw I alsoread you were working on a Drums & Tricorne ruleset, I would order it too when available! :-)