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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

100 Dice, this time ACW!

Another evening of playtesting for 100 Dice: this time I wanted to try an ACW battle, so I sketched some special rules for the specific period and fought a full battle, with Andrea helping in the final stage.
Here is the situation after deployment
On the left, the Confederate Force, with Union troops on the right. Units off map are Reserves, dismounted cavalry and miniatures to be used as unformed units. On top of the picture, the numbered hexes are for flanking maneuvers. At the bottom of the picture you can see the blue cups with 100 dice each and the burned dice area with a divider and the turn record marker (the big yellow die).
Below, a pic taken after the first turn.
  The Rebel attack (top) seems to have shaken the US line. US Cavalry evaded from a contact, dismounted and reorganized. An unformed US unit is holding the woods. In subsequent turns, the attack will falter and finally the Confederates retreated.
In the Centre, 2 US batteries concentrated fire on a single Confederate battery, eliminating it in a couple of turns. On the Confederate left all was quiet until the last turns, when the Unionists launched an attack at dusk, achieving very little. In the end, it was a draw.

I'm still not happy with something, but a long conversation with Andrea after the game gave me some interesting idea...... stay tuned!

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