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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another (full) gaming week-end

After last week end playtest of Drums & Shakos Large Battles (with Diego, Andrea and Massimo chez moi), we felt the need to try immediately the new rules I made, so Diego came again to Terni from Rome on saturday to play another battle.
The results were beyond my best expectations, and now the Large Battle rules need just some minor adjustment and details.
I am very proud of my new combat system (different from that of SDS) and of the action/reaction sequence, which gives the game a different feel from usual Song games.
Unfortunately, I made no pics (I was too busy taking notes :).

Sunday july 3rd, Diego, Massimo, Paolo and Andrea went to playtest Song of Spear and Shield in Canino (Viterbo) where Narciso lives.
From left: Diego, Andrea, Massimo, Paolo and Narciso. SSS is the large skirmish Ancient ruleset that Andrea is finalizing right now. It should be released soon.

Another event that took place on Sunday was the Open SDS Tuscany Tournament in Agliana.
The event was organised by the club "Falchi del Mugello" from Florence in the garden of Andrea's house, with a BIG barbecue between games. More about this soon......


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