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Monday, January 31, 2011

What's going on in my Lab

After a quite long period without posting (real-life job and other small problems kept me away from the blog) I just wanted to quickly describe what I'm doing right now on the GAMING side...

1) SDS Large Battles: going on with playtesting. The game works well, I'm just not satisfied with the Brigade and Divisional Morale rules. I know the result I want to achieve, but the mechanics are still to be refined...

2) Drums & Shakos Battalion level: this is something I've been thinking over since when 61-65 was released. If I succeed in creating these rules, players can go from squad fighting to large engagements with the same core rules. I wrote some basics, thinking in 15mm terms. A French battalion could be something around 24 bases (with 3 miniatures each), with single Company Commanders and the Chef de Battaillon with his Command Group.... More about this (I hope) soon.

3) Simple Campaign rules with no Referee. This is a game designed to play a Campaign in 3-4 sessions in double-blind. Battles are fought on the miniatures table, but the real focus is on the Strategic Management of your forces. First playtest of the Alpha version last week: great fun!

Please give me your opinions and as usual... stay tuned!


  1. Battalion level sounds interesting. It sounds like you have considered the idea of having each figure represent more than one man, but play the figure as if it were a single man. I look forward to this.

  2. I'm eagerly looking forward to the big battle rules - good to hear they are ticking along.


  3. Dale,
    yes that's exactly the way I am thinking for the battalion level.
    slowly moving.... but moving :)

  4. Sergio,
    This is good news. Remember, when you get to the point where you are going to English, you have plenty of volunteers to help. I'm always ready, and I would place a sure bet that Dale would help as well. He is very thorough and analytical. Take your time and lets get the rules rock solid!

  5. I'm also looking forward to the big battle and campaign rules very much.

  6. LTL Dad,
    I know I can count on you, thanks!

    hope I'll be able to come out with something interesting in Spring....