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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pics from Carpi Tournament

As promised, here are some pics from sunday's Tournament in Carpi. It was held within the CON GiocaCarpi and above you can see a view of the hall from our table.
First round of the Tourney: Antonio from Pavia (left) and Andrea from Firenze (right) in the early stages of their battle.
Those two strange-looking guys are Roberto from La Spezia (left, you have seen many of his painting works in this blog) and Alessandro from Arezzo.
Fourth round: Roberto (left) and Maurizio from Pavia (Maurizio is the European DBA Champion) immediately after deploying their troops.
Prize time: 3rd classified Max Salvagnini from Firenze. (the "red" guy with the microphone is me).
2nd: Alessandro Salini from Arezzo (the 2 guys behind the glass are looking at us like we were Aliens...)
The WAU: (Winner As Usual) Marco Gasbarri from Arezzo.
2010 SDS Italian and FIW Champion, Marco started this new year with another victory. We are thinking to give him some money NOT to take part, or maybe a 2000 points handicap.....
Behind me the Ganesha Table with (extreme right) a pile of freshly printed copies of 61-65 in italian ;-)

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