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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My call answered (1)

Answering to my call, Stefano sent some pictures of his British Squads (all Perry 28mm., metal and plastic).
On the left, a Rifle Squad (Officer, 4 Rifles, 2 Chosen Men).
I see Stefano uses 25mm round bases for his miniatures.

Here is a Highlander Squad (42nd), made of
Officer, 5 Highlanders and 2 Veterans (OK one is a musician with a bagpipe...)

And finally, the 52nd Oxfordshire: an Officer, NCO, 4 Veterans (the group on the left) and 5 Line Infantrymen.

Stefano took some bold decision with these squads: always playing without a Flag means that every morale check can be particularly dangerous, and the absence of a drummer means that he hasn't any re-roll when activating Groups. More firepower, no doubt, but I would have been more cautious... :)
Anyway, well done mate!

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