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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another table

After taking some more pictures, I decided to make a new arrangement, this time doubling the rubber foam underneath (so that pins have a better grip). I distributed the batting in a different way, with only 2 major hills, and used very few pins.  I suspect that - for what concerns pins - the fewer the better to avoid wrinkles.
I also wanted to display my new (and growing) collection of Dave Graffam Model paper buildings that I love and strongly advise you all to give them a try. They are cheap, wonderful and easy to mount. You can buy them  in Wargame Vault site.
The village (note that the position of the battlecloth is the same as the previous pics, but terrain looks completely different).
 A view from behind the river with the Curch of St. Fringibuffo on the right (and my plastic boxes full of accessories above it).
Jumping on top of the bell tower, here's a view of the Village and the hill in front of it. The village is enclosed in low walls from 3 sides, and has the river behind.

For the last pic I used the remaining light blue rubber foam to create a sort of screen behind the table.
Not too bad, I think...


  1. It definitely looks great. The town looks crowded, which is realistic, but seems like it would be harder to use, especially with mass troops, Unless you are just treating the who area as impassable terrain, of course.

  2. Dale
    I liked the idea of massed buildings to give a realistic feel to the village, but all houses can be moved and, considering that battalions are always in column or unformed within the village, it should be playable..

  3. A question: Are you figures 15mm, 20mm or 25mm?

  4. I forgot it: your terrain looks fantastic!

  5. Rafael, my figures are 15mm. thanks!

  6. Your whole setup looks great! very nice visual appeal.