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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pipeline updated

Pushed by recent events, I decided to chage the schedule of my future releases.
First in line will be Drums & Tricornes, my new SYW ruleset, that uses a brand new Command & Control System. When D&T will be released by Ganesha Games, I plan to finish and release 100 Dice which is a hex-grid, dice pool fastplay game for different historical periods.

My notes about D&T date back to last year (march 2012) when I wrote about 50% of it but then I stopped due to "real" job taking over my time. In my terms, this is a Large Battle game where 2 Armies of several Brigades each fight on a 120 x 180 cm. table divided into 216 squares (each of 10 x 10 cm.). Above you can see a pic taken from the last test I made last saturday.

More about Drums & Tricornes in future posts...


  1. I look forward to both of them, of course. For Drums & Tricornes I will be using my AWI figures. As the AWI battles are considerably smaller than SYW battles, I supposed downscaling the figure scale (or treating Brigades as Regiments) won't have any appreciable effect on the game?

    As always, I am willing to playtest! :^)

  2. Thank you Dale! I sent you a PM..