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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Final "volley" of pics

Some more pics from last sunday playtest of "100 Dice", my introductory, hex-based new game.

Somewhere around 2nd turn, with the Austrian player (Massimo) attacking on the Prussian left flank. You start the game by deploying (sometimes secretly) your Main Force. The secondary Force will arrive later as reinforcements.
Turn 3. Diego has successfully repulsed the Austrian push on his right flank and is counterattacking with his heavy cavalry. See those blue cups? They contain 100 dice each, and players use those dice for any roll required by the game. When they finish, night falls.
A close up on the centre. Prussian guns are bombarding the Austrian centre.
On the right of the picture, you can see a wood hex without....trees. Trees are removed when Light Infantry (in this case Austrian Grenzer) occupy the hex (they are the only unit type that can enter woods). Light Infantry is on a single, 3x3 cm base.

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