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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drums & Shakos Large Battles available in pdf

As title suggests... :)

DSLB is now available in pdf on the Ganesha Games website

Finally we did it!
Hope you'll enjoy the game


  1. Congratulations! I have already purchased and downloaded it and am now starting a review on my blog.


  2. My review from reading the rules:

    I will have a follow-up review when I get a chance to try them out on the table. Too bad they did not come out Friday night... ;^)

  3. Dale,

    thank you for your review. Hope we'll pass the "table test"... :)
    please let me have your impressions

  4. This game looks fantastic! The only proofreading issue I see is that one of the sample scenarios does not ahve all fo the English force list translated.

    One question, though: How many Combat Dice do you get in the big battle varient, as there are no formations?

  5. Nick,
    in the big battle all units have a their base combat dice like the corresponding "Line" formation in the standard game.
    What info has not been translated in the English sample scenario?

    1. Sergio,

      Thank you for the clarification. I also presume cavalry does not automatically destroy infantry not in "Square" formation in the big battle rules?

      In the Peninsular Clash scenario, on page 28, the 1st brigade is "Inglese" instead of British. Also the Foot Artillery units are "Media" instead of Medium.

      Just a couple very minor things. This is one of the most innovative rulesets I have ever seen!

  6. Nick
    there should be a newer version available that you can download from the ganesha website without these typos...

  7. Hi Sergio,
    Really like the set however we couldnt work out if you get a new set of dice for the combat after you have done the approach procedure or you have to save dice from the approach dice pool in the hope you get to Close Combat.... Rules fail to give a full approach+Combat example... this would clarify it for the reader.

  8. Zel,

    you roll a new set of dice (with all the new modifiers that apply...)
    sorry for late reply

  9. D&SLB has been a HUGE hit with our historical gaming club in San Antonio, Texas.