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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tolentino Battlefield

During the week end of the 14th and 15th of may I went to Tolentino for the biannual reenactment of the Battle between the Neapolitan Army of Joaquim Murat and the Austrian Army led by General Bianchi (2-4 may 1815). I spent 2 days in those wonderful places, visiting the main sites of the Battlefield and taking part to the events organized by the Association "Tolentino 815". I had a great time.... Above, the Neapolitan "2° Cavalleggeri" parades in front of us, with the Austrian troops in the background (they were from Czech Republic).
Members of the 59th Demi Brigade (reenactors from Marengo, left), Cacciatori Bresciani (centre, in green uniforms) and French Artillerymen (right). Some Vivandieres here and there....
A 4 pdr. (French) gun manhandled into position by the crew (from Germany).
The French Infantry Camp (above) and the King Murat himself (below) parading with his Chief of Staff and soldiers from the 5th Regiment (Real Calabria). Austrian artillerymen and Landwher/Jaeger infantry just behind.

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