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Monday, March 28, 2011

More pics from PLAY2011 Modena

I must say I was positively impressed by the event. PLAY is just at its second edition, but it's very promising IMO.. The 4 themed pavillions were for computer games, boardgames, CCG and miniatures (something quite familiar for Origins visitors) and were all big and full of people.
Above, a table from the miniatures hall with a game in progress organised by Association "Miles Gloriosus" from Rome ("Avanti Savoia!" 15mm rules for the Italian Independence Wars).
The boardgame hall (above) was really crowded. Even if I don't know the exact dimensions, I think this hall was no smaller than the one at Origins.
In the Miniatures hall there were a lot of astonishing tables: the one above was for WH40K...
And this is "our" side of the event: above and below, 2 pics of a Napoleonic demo table staged by Antonino DeBartolo in 28mm. with his own "Convention rules".
6mm were also represented: below a big Eylau scenario (using Polemos rules) with a printed map. Very basic, but super quick to assemble... :)
The Tournament Area was made of more than 100 tables (66 for the Wargames Olympics section only). On saturday and sunday there were competitions of many games: Impetus, OWW II, Shako, Field of Glory, DBA, SDS and many others I can't remember. In all, a positive experience that I hope to repeat next year. Maybe - and that is probably the only down side - with some specialised exhibitors, really missing in the miniature hall...

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