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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pics of a great wargaming saturday (1)

Here they are! Thanks to Filippo for sending them, and in particular for the last 2 pics :))
Above, the initial setup of the British Forces (with a Dutch-Belgian unit added).
Three French squads (Marco's) advancing on the left: the first in line with a couple of skirmishers in front, followed by a double line and a column. The Officer carefully watches the deployment of his troops.
A Scottish squad in double line checking the advance of a French squad in line (and 2 Rifles going for cover behind a fence in front of the house).
A full view of the battlefield. It was a 120x180cm table, with some wooded areas and some buildings. And, beer, plastic glasses and the big panettone cake were not part of the terrain :)
Another view of the British right during the early stages of the game. Max is shuffling activation cards..
On a last, desperate and unsuccessful effort to save the day, French Dragoons charge a reduced British squad. The redcoats will break, but a point-blank volley from the other squad on the right will then rout the eroic Dragoons...
And finally.... the interlude I told you about in my previous post.... Nothing to add, really nice job Filippo! (the contest was won by the British Officer, and the epilogue was as follows :)

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