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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nap Coy level at Lucca Games

As promised, here are some pictures of the wonderful table made by Stefano Palandri at Lucca Games. It was a very useful playtesting for my "61-65" company level rules applied to napoleonic. Above, Stefano crossing the bridge with his French attackers.
The French approaching the village, with skirmishers in front. Two British squads and some Spanish Guerrillas try to stop the French advance. The terrain (hand painted by Baueda - ) was really beautiful: a 180x240 cm. flocked-tissue representing typical dry, spanish landscape.
A view of the village. Stefano did really a good job and the buildings are astonishing (Grand Manner). Scale is 28mm.
British reinforcements (with a Rifleman in front and a Sergeant behind) advancing into the streets of the village. Stefano correctly based his soldiers on 2,5x2,5 cm. square bases, so that formations could be kept easily.
The fight in the village goes on, while some French cavalry (Dragoons) crosses the bridge ...

A close-up on the Spanish Guerrillas (Front Rank) trying to stop the French onslaught.
And finally a close-up on French grenadiers (Perry) in supported line formation. Note also the nice flock and grass on the bases. Great job Stefano!!


  1. This looks so very gooooooood! I can't wait!
    The Spanish look excellent.

  2. During the week end I'll start the translation...