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Friday, September 17, 2010

Another gamimg evening

Last thursday I received a couple of friends from Perugia (Stefano & Stefano) to play a sort of introductory game of SDS. One of them already played some games, while the other just played Song of Blades and Heroes. Above is the table at game start.

First moves: getting used to the differences between the games (Group orders, NCO and the like). We played using all Tournament rules, as both want to play in the Perugia Tournament in november.
Me and Stefano G. who is the organiser of the CON Magna con Phersu in Perugia (november, see my previous post about it) where an SDS tournament will take place. The players family grows....


  1. Very nice Minis and table. I just recently started looking at some of the Ganesha rules for my kids fantasy gaming and like them. While looking, drums & Shakos caught my eye as I am an old Napoleonics fan. Looking at your nice blog I think I will have to try this!

  2. LTL,

    do it at your own risk :)
    If you are a Napoleonic fan, you'll be caught by SDS I'm sure..

    Keep playing anyway

  3. I'm already hooked just looking at all your pics!
    What is really appealing to a guy who has painted many thousands of Nappy minis is that you only need small numbers for this game. Which means variety!
    I saw that Andrea is working on a big battle system, that is also very interesting to me.

  4. Well, I have almost ready a company level game (around 100 pieces per player) both for the ACW and Naps: look for "61-65" in the next months..

  5. I will watch!
    Do you know a good simple rules set for mass battles? Or do you know if the upcoming large battle set from Ganesha can handle figures like this? This will show you how crazy we are :)

  6. Wow! that's a LOT of figures!!
    OK I'l tell you a secret: I have a Napoleonic Large Battle Rules Set, working with the same engine as SDS, ready since months. But the decision of publishing or not has not been taken yet. Keep following my blog and you'll know as soon as it will happen.

  7. That is only a small skirmish with our 6mms. We have tens of thousands of painted figs.

    You probably get a lot of this but I will say it anyway. If you want additional play testing or English proof reading I would be thrilled to help. I have a very reliable group and we play at least 6 games a week minimum so we don't sit around.

    I'm following your blog daily and I have already posted it to my blog. I can't wait to see big battles.

  8. Unfortunately, SDS Large Battles is in italian. However, be sure that - as soon as it will be translated - I'll keep you and your group into consideration for playtesting it. BTW, where are you from?

  9. I am in Houston Texas. I am fortunate, there is a very large gaming community here for historical, sci-fi, fantasy and even horror gaming. I tend to play more tactical games, and more of the sci-fi/horror and fantasy stuff because I don't like slow historical games. But with better rules sets these days we are playing more and more historical all the time.
    There are many stores and clubs but I have a favorite group of gamers of about 12 players who are fanatics. We play a couple of nights a week and several games on the weekends.

  10. That must be real fun... playing 3 times a week seems like a dream for people like me :)
    I think you must give SDS a try: with just a handful of 28mm figures you get your squad done, and Perry/Victrix plastics are very cheap. With a box of French and a box of British, 2-3 players can make their squads and play right away.

  11. We play a lot.
    I have already started the process of starting SDS! I have most terrain already except I will need to build some Spanish buildings for the Peninsula.
    I'm ordering my first minis tonight and thank you for the tips on the Perry/Victrix minis.

  12. Sergio,
    While waiting for some 28mm figures we have been playing in 6mm. Here's a post to one of the games we did while learning.