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Sunday, June 20, 2010

61-65 sneak preview

Some pics from the "last" playtest before Origins. All Perry plastic 28mm miniatures.
These are 2 boxes (i.e. 36 vs. 36 men) which means about 2 Platoons one against the other. I'll bring these minis to Origins for a question of time and space. 61-65 can be played up to 100 (more reasonably 50-60) pieces per side.
Two squads facing each other at dawn.... with skirmishers in front.
And finally a pic just before the clash in the center... See you at Origins 2010!


  1. Nice Sergio !
    Too see SDS played in Melbourne , Australia go to our site and check the SDS clinic thread .
    I have a couple of rule questions from our games , where is a good place to post them ?
    Cheers ,

  2. Richard
    best place to ask questions is the Song of Blades and Heroes yahoo group, writing "SDS" in the subject. Or just drop me 2 lines at
    I'm leaving for the US tomorrow but I'll check the mail quite regularly.
    Unfortunately, I can't see the pics in your forum :(
    Anyway you are doing a great job there..
    Thanks again