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Monday, March 8, 2010

Busy week end

I've spent the week-end with my group of friend playtesting the Tournament Rules and painting my new Russian Squad (Mirliton) and 4 french Carabiniers (Perry plastic).
Friday night we made a small 2 rounds tournament (6 people) and the rules seem to be OK. I had to watch carefully if the 1 hour round was too short to come to a definite result, and it did even if a couple of gamers were not familiar with the rules.
When an unclear situation occur, I take note and update the "Clarifications" page of the Tournament Rules so that we should cover most situations during competitive play.
I wrote the rules in Italian, as the first Tourneys will take place here, but as soon as we'll have them tested in a real life environment, I'll translate them in english and they will be availbale as a free download somewhere. More about this soon, and also some pics of my new (painted) figures!

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